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Christmas Trip of her Dreams

Home | Graceland Jan. 6, 2001 | Destination...Disney World


Epcot 2000...the true Millenium

Disney's Epcot

da da..da da da dum...
at Universal Studios

did anyone hear the music?.....

"The Living Seas", beautifully lit up at night.

The Living Seas-at night

Seahorse exhibit in the "Living Seas"
....ride 'em cowbouy...

sea horses in the

You'd think she's never seen an ocean before!!!!


She hadn't...she LOVED it!!

Mandi and her friend, Sarah, shopping at Disney World.

Mandi and Sarah shopping

Sarah watching Mandi trying to move in an old fashioned diving suit...harder than they thought!

Mandi in an old type diving suit

The large tank had all kinds of dolphin, shark and fishes swimming around (I had to get the dolphin for Candice)

dolphins in the


It was my first time in the ocean too...and yes, we both got wet!