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Celestial Images
Halloween HiJinx


T'was the month before 'All-Hallows-Eve',

Getting their broomsticks ready to leave...

MOPAR powered....

The Sanderson sisters were filling the pot,
With 'eye of newt' and a fungus for rot.


Winifred-dancing-is consulting her "Book",
with Mary peeking over her shoulder-sneaking a look.

little blood sucker...

Sarah is flying low, all over the town,
calling all the little children, uphill and down.

It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown

Singing, "Come little children, I'll take thee away-into a land of enchantment. Come little children, the time's come to play-here in my garden of magic."

another cute little sucker....

They came in a row, all the little girls and boys,
Hoping for candy, wishing for toys.


dancing skull


Watching by candlelight-with the fire burning low,
The sisters fell into a deep sleep, by the orange glow.

ghosties, bats, and witches....OH MY

One curious child slowly crept over to Winifred's book,
Hearing their snores, he took a quick look.

give us a hug baaabyyyy

Reading the spell the sisters had cooked,
he noticed two pages, stuck together in the "Book".

(The sisters had brewed "Nytol"-inhaling it as it cooked.)


Giving a cheer, he opened all the cages,
letting all the children out-all different ages.

ya'll come back now....ya hear???

And I heard him exclaim, as they ran out of sight...

"Happy Halloween to us the witches..."



feel like howling at the moon???

c'mon baby....light my fire....

MOPAR powered....

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